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Friday, May 25, 2012


                    "CLEANING YOUR HONEY-POT"

Guys/some Gals; have you ever got to that point of intimacy with a woman and then as soon as her panties fall off you are hit with an awful unbearable smell? So awkward! It is even sadder when the woman in question is highly tolerant to the stench...Tsk Tsk Tsk. I believe that nobody is perfect so pleaseeeeeee ladies take note!

Make sure you have the following things ready:

(a) A clean washcloth

(b) Lukewarm/or warm water...No hot water or cold water. Harmful bacteria grow at a faster rate when cold or hot water is used.

(c) No Soap needed....Personally I don't use any soap at all on this sensitive part.

***Soaps in general especially Scented soaps are very bad for the vaginal health***.

Note that the Vagina has a natural aura which is sexually arousing to men. That's just part of nature. Also, the vagina is a self-cleaning "device" so therefore not much effort is needed to keep it fresh & clean. In case of infections contact your OBGYN....Excessive vaginal discharge and/or a foul fishy type smell are two of the most common tell-tale of an infection. Get it checked out by your OBGYN right away.

Step-by-Step Instruction on how to clean the Vulva & Vagina properly

(a) Using a clean washcloth and lukewarm water, wash the vulva, spread the inner & outer labia with your fingers and wash thoroughly to eliminate any discharge or dead skin cells that might be present...This is a very sensitive part so don't scrub too harshly.. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat this step if needed. 
***Do NOT wash your Anus with the same washcloth used for washing your vulva***.

(b)Towel yourself dry when you step out of the shower. Some detergents used to wash our clothes and towels are very harsh to the vagina so it will be a good idea to avoid friction when drying with a towel. Personally, I air dry myself... Meaning: I walk around the house naked till my body is completely dried. I think that's the best method.

(c)Use only a dab of Unscented OZ oil or Unscented baby oil if you need to moisturize the external area of the vulva..Do not allow it to get into the vagina. Better yet, no lotion at all....Absolutely No Scented lotions, sprays or deodorants. Failure to do so infections will come knocking! ***Remember Yeast grows more in a moist &warm environment***

(d) Wear only cotton under wears...The Vagina needs to breathe!!!! On that note, G-strings, T-strings, Thongs are NOT good for you... These will make you prone to Yeast infections.

(e) When sleeping, it is best to sleep with NO underwear. Except if you are on your period or have some kind of infection.

ON A FINAL NOTE:  Avoid scented sanitary products, and absolutely NO DOUCHING!!! NO DOUCHING!!!... If for any reason you need to douche, use only 1cup warm water mixed with 1 tbsp plain live yogurt. Not for an everyday hygiene upkeep. A lot women douche almost on daily basis, Please Stop it!!!!!!


  1. where can i buy the oil you mentioned?

    1. OZ oil can be purchased from or any other reputable drug stores online. I actually use unscented baby oil now and I love it. Remember a dab of oil is all you need per use, except if you wanna feel like greasy fried Make sure whatever you use down there is UNSCENTED....cheers!

  2. Nah some bitches stank like dead fish

    1. You can still express yourself without referring to women as bi*ches. Maybe if you know any woman with poor hygiene you can help her out by suggesting this post to her.. Find an indirect yet respectful way to do it though...cheers!

  3. As well, I have leant that using Rinso, Amonia&clorine, and scrubbing with steel wool will definately clean one's private regions!

    1. Amonia & Chlorine? Ummmm are you trying to set your private part on fire or what? I must assume you are joking!!

  4. Whatt a loser to the imbecile who refers to women with such disparaging remarks! he obviously is limp& undoubtedly blames women for his inadequacies!

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