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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Own Your Body

Own Your Body is a mini shop affiliated with Spreadshirt inc. They have fine quality custom made Tshirts, other apparels and accessories for both men, women and children. One more catch; you can actually contact the seller to customize some items for you, yes just for you. How cool is that? Check it out and be sure to bookmark it because new products are added daily.

Disclaimer: Absolutely no monetary compensation was made for this review.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Looking For A Job?

Finding a job these days is a hassle and I speak from experience. The economy is in shambles and it's sad to know that having just a Bachelor degree in some cases is quite useless. Anyways, if you cannot find any job in your State of residence, consider applying to out of state jobs & keep relocation in mind as well. I have a friend who graduated from Nursing school with BSN & honors, but she couldn't find any work here in New Jersey or even in New York for a long period of time. Nevertheless, she went ahead and applied to some out of state jobs in States like North Dakota, Texas, California, North Carolina, etc. Long story short, she now resides in Texas and has a solid career. It would be a good idea to start considering out of state jobs if you are going through what my friend went through.

To make your job search easier, consider going to sites like:

  • (my all time favorite)

Sites like is full of spam and fake jobs. Avoid sending your resume when contacting a potential employer on craigslist. Ask for company info including website(if any) so you can fill out an application via the website. Personally, I won't apply to any job on craigslist which doesn't include a person's name or company's info and an actual working phone number. I have to make sure the individual/company is real before sending out my resume. Protect your personal information!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Spread The Interracial Love"

Richard & Mildred Loving

Today marks the 46th anniversary of Loving Day. Loving Day is an an annual celebration held on June 12, the anniversary of the 1967 United States Supreme Court decision "Loving vs. Virginia" which struck down all anti-interracial marriage laws remaining in 16 states of the USA.

"The case was brought by Mildred Loving, a black woman, and Richard Loving, a white man, who had been sentenced to a year in prison in Virginia for marrying each other. Their marriage violated the state's anti-miscegenation statute, the Racial Integrity Act of 1924, which prohibited marriage between people classified as "white" and people classified as "colored." The Supreme Court's unanimous decision held this prohibition was unconstitutional, overturning Pace v. Alabama (1883) and ending all race-based legal restrictions on marriage in the United States.
The decision was followed by an increase in interracial marriages in the U.S., and is remembered annually on Loving Day, June 12".

If you are in an interracial relationship/marriage today, you owe Richard & Mildred Loving a whole lot of thanks.

Excerpts from: WIKI

Sunday, June 9, 2013


I have finally been able to reply all emails. If you contacted us within the past two weeks please check your inbox today. I apologize for the delay but the past few weeks has been very hectic. Juggling a lingering illness with an overload work schedule is not easy at all. In due time, we will find a 3rd blogger who would update this blog on daily basis. Please bear with us in the meantime.
To make it up to my loyal readers, we will run another sweepstakes very soon. Keep visiting us daily so you won't miss out on the goodies.

                   ~~~Have a lovely sunny day~~~

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Powerball Jackpot Hits $600 Million

The Powerball Jackpot has once again climbed to a jaw dropping amount in excess of $600,000,000 (six hundred million dollars). The second largest jackpot in of U.S Lottery History. The Jackpot is open to 43 States and costs only $2 per ticket. It is normally drawn every Wednesdays & Saturdays.

 I went to a liquor store to purchase my ticket and the line was ridiculous. I stood there in line as long as possible because I had to get my ticket by any means necessary. Seriously, if you haven't bought your ticket for tonight's drawing please go out and do so. Lottery is all about "luck". $2 can change your life forever tonight. All it takes is one lucky ticket, so please don't go and spend your entire paycheck on it.

Good luck everyone!!!